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Come and join us
under the Big Oak.

About us

At Big Oak Tavern, we provide high-quality dining and customer service, with attractive prices and alternate menu options. We welcome with open arms all families and neighbors to join our vision in providing the most elegant eating and drinking experience Roswell, Georgia has to offer.

Big Oak Tavern has officially set its roots in historic Roswell, Georgia. Just off the beaten path of Alpharetta Highway and Cherry Street, Big Oak Tavern offers its patrons American style cuisine with an Asian influence. Named for the stately Oak that stands statuesque in the restaurant's front lawn, the Big Oak, strives to embody the same essence of strength, resilience, and sustainability. These qualities came into play more than ten years ago when a kitchen fire nearly devastated the entire structure. Despite this significant setback, they were able to rebuild and preserve. The original fireplace and wood floors were able to be salvaged and serve as a reminder of their journey.

Co-owner, Nate Armstrong, has extensive background in culinary arts and restaurant management that has served him in creating a menu that is sure to challenge even the most discriminating of pallets. He has made it a priority to source locally and regionally from sustainable farmers and distributors to support local community engagement.